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The Spark


The Illuminated Stage Theatre Company was born when three talented artists harnessed the culmination of many years of professional experience and training.


At a pivotal moment in their journeys, these artists were brought together by unanticipated circumstances or, as they prefer, the “mystical nature of the creative process”!


They realized their shared roots ran deep and their paths had crossed far too many times to ignore. They decided to shine a bright light on a dream that began as a tiny spark in each of their hearts individually and, in due course, collectively. The spark grew brighter as energy and momentum moved their dream along. Once this spark, this light was ignited, it became an unstoppable force of creative desire that glows stronger and brighter every day.


These artists are committed to discovering and cultivating the creative spark that lives in every individual, for every spark enhances our community. They are dedicated to contributing to a diverse, tolerant, embracing society where artistic expression is respected and valued.


Sparks to light—light that may inspire, teach, heal and illuminate the hearts and minds of all it reaches.